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Burrata is an integration layer that helps bridge web2 identity and private data to web3. Burrata aims to be a public-good infrastructure for developers through sufficient decentralization.

Our mission is to provide web3 developers necessary toolings and libraries for them to build rich dApps and smart contracts leveraging web2 data without building complex infrastructure internally.

Developers bring their web2 API keys, and Burrata provides the glue which helps them bridge consumer identity and data to their dApps and smart contracts.

With Burrata, Developers do not need to spend time learning and implementing the same infrastructure for Decentralized Identity, Verified Credentials, and Verified Presentation across every application. In addition, using open standards means that claims and credentials generated through Burrata will be interoperable with other projects.

Burrata's core team is constantly adding new integrations to the catalog, but Developers can build their own using the open-source package for their desired web2 API.

Burrata helps Developers build privacy-preserving applications. It has a primary selective disclosure interface built into the product today and is working to integrate various new privacy-preserving presentation layers which leverage zero-knowledge proofs.

Developer Preview

Burrata is currently in Developer Preview. We want to collect your feedback and build the most incentive-aligned public-good infrastructure for private data. So signup today and help us build this critical bridge.

Get in touch

We are here to help ease your integration and privacy pains. You can reach out to us any time for questions, issues, concerns or product ideas through any of the following channels: